Native American Finance

With more than 300 existing Native American gaming operations nationwide, the need for financing solutions grows as these facilities expand their gaming operations and adjacent facilities. In addition, many Tribes have the opportunity to leverage interest earnings from collateral such as assets held in Trust, with the primary emphasis being the improvement of the social wellbeing of its members.

Well-run gaming enterprises can be a longterm source of revenue for future tribal economic development as they provide a critical funding source for infrastructural improvements and a way to diversify income sources. Although the benefits can be significant, in-depth expertise and financial guidance in Indian Gaming operations are needed to develop successful long-term strategic planning and debt management. In addition to gaming facilities, tribal financing needs often include schools, housing, healthcare and community facilities.

Certus Financial has a national footprint in advising Native American Tribes in their financial endeavors. Our team has managed and structured more than $5 billion of debt in tribal projects for numerous Tribes throughout the country and can provide your Tribal enterprise the financing expertise necessary for success.

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